Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Yesterday the Hog was at the White Castle in Frankfort, Ky eating his once a week lunch of three greasy burgers and fries and reading the New York Times on his Kindle e-reader when a young black man dressed in a long black leather trench coat, looking hip For Frankfort stopped and said, "What's that?" Its the second time in two days the Hog has been asked that question.

"It's a Kindle, I'm reading the New York Times."

"What, you can read newspapers on those things? I'm not much into gadgets," he said moving away from the Hog cautiously.

But they had something in common, they were the only two people in the White Castle wearing black leather trench coats.

The Hog loves costumes. His latest is the "True Grit" look: Cowboy hat, boots and a long leather trench coat. It makes people think. He was in this latest git-up walking across the White Castle parking lot yesterday when his right foot hits a metallic object on the pavement. Wait, he'd seen enough Clint Eastwood movies in his time to pick up on this familiar scene. What in the world was a 44 shell casing doing on a White Castle parking lot in Frankfort? The Hog lived all his life in the big, bad city of Louisville and never had this happen. Had he stepped on-to a crime scene. But there wasn't any blood around and no bodies or body parts to be seen so, it would never make a "Law & Order" episode. But what the hell, not bad for Frankfort!

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