Monday, April 11, 2011


A weekend filled with bad luck/good luck a severe wind storm blew down a tree in my back-yard Saturday destroying part of my deck and patio furniture. My house phone service went off for an unrelated reason so, I had to call Insight over to solve the problem.

A young man, probably in his 30s, spent two days hooking up two new cable connections to solve the problem. This morning he said he'd noticed a lot of musical instruments and recordings in my house and asked me what kind of work I did. I told him I was a part time College professor, entertainer and jazz radio dj.

"I thought I recognized your voice, I listen to your show on WFPK every Sunday morning."

He said he was a jazz fan and it was the only kind of music he listened too.

"I listen to the jazz programing all day on WFPK Sunday, but there's no way to hear jazz on the radio during the week in Louisville,"

Before he left he asked me if I would play Louis Armstrong's "Muskrat Ramble" for him.

You bet buddy, glad to know I'm appreciated.

luv, yardhog